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Pastoral Leadership and Management for Mission (PLMM)


Program Description

This 6-month program is divided into 6 clusters: the first (4) clusters focus on Pastoral Leadership and the 2 focus on Pastoral management. Each cluster has a module that focuses on pastoral andragogy or instructional practices for adult learners.

The PLMM is designed to facilitate transformation in pastoral leaders' perspectives and behaviors by renewing and updating them with new insights in pastoral theology, approaches and practices of pastoral leadership as well as practical management skills geared towards more effective mission in their communities.

Realities guiding the modules:

  • The formation of leaders is still a new area in the study of leadership.
  • Everyone experiences leadership in one's life, either as a leader or a follower.
  • There is a need for more effective and ethical leaders on all level of the Church.
  • Culture and context influence the way leadership is perceived and practiced.
  • Pastoral leadership formation needs to be guided by sound theological principles regarding the mission of the Church and the nature of Christian ministry.

Program Clusters

1. Leadership : A Pastoral Approach

  • Understand the distinctiveness and plurality of pastoral leadership and followership and test these understandings against the participants' own experiences with the local cultural context.

2. Leadership in Context 

  • Insights on how the study of the context determines one's leadership style and help discern which approach to leadership is necessary for transformation and conversion in particular situations.

3. Leadership Ethics for Pastoral Care

  • Ethical principles that would enable the participants to lead with compassion and sound morals.

4. Leadership for Mission

  • Contemporary understanding of mission and Church and how these should influence pastoral leaders' attitudes, skills, and knowledge.

5. Management: A Pastoral  Approach

  • Theological foundations, organizational principles, and pastoral skills to enable the participants to effectively manage their ministries.

6. Management Skills for Pastoral Leaders

  • Skills and best practices to deal with specific management tasks such as planning, personnel development, financial management, and fund-raising.

Completion of the PLMM program will lead to a Diploma in Pastoral Leadership and Management and serve as a requirement for the MA in Pastoral Ministry.


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