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The two EAPI sabbatical programs are holistic experiences which cater to persons who are in transition or in need of a change of space away from their busy lives of ministry to allow time to rest, renew, reflect, and recreate in an Asian cross–cultural ecclesial context.

Its unique feature is the small community based orientation that capitalizes on forming a sanctuary of friends whose common desire is for a “Sabbath”. Here a person rediscovers the richness of one’s being and appreciates more profoundly the graciousness and beauty of God’s creative love.

The 6-month SLE program from January to June focuses on understanding leadership and management, while the 4-month SPE program from August to November concentrates on psycho-spiritual integration and healing.

The programs are flexible enough to respond to the individual needs like scholarly research, spiritual reading, and pursuing hobbies.


January 07 - June 29, 2018 US $5,840

August 05 - Nov. 29, 2018 US $4,025

The fees are inclusive of tuition and board & lodging. Financial assistance is available.

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Admission Office

Tel. No.: (63 2) 426-5901



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January 07 – June 29, 2018

August 05 - November 29, 2018


  • Through spiritual direction, retreats, reflection, and prayer, the participants will experience a renewed encounter with God.
  • By creating a safe space that facilitates personal transition , the participants will have the chance to try new leadership attitudes, habits and behaviors for mission.
  • Practice the dynamics of self-leadership, inner psycho-spiritual journey, and cross-cultural community living.
  • In a relaxed atmosphere, the participants will become more aware of rest and reflection as integral parts of recreating and renewing oneself.
  • Appreciating the process of incorporating body, mind, emotions, and spirit through experiential classes, sharing and monthly integration sessions.
  • The participants will have opportunities to visit some places in the Philippines as part of the sabbatical exposures and vacations.


  • An Asian experience of the global Church.
  • Cross-cultural ecclesial community living.
  • Spiritual accompaniment and counseling.
  • Directed retreats and recollections.
  • Creative forms of prayer and liturgies.
  • Group integration/faith-sharing sessions.
  • Out-of-town vacation and exposures.
  • Sports and other recreational activities.